I’d like to take a moment here to pose a question: What does your practice on the mat have to do with your practice off the mat?

How do you bridge the gap from the insights you’ve gathered at yoga and share them in your daily life, extending your strength and openness to the people you interact with?

The evolution of our yoga practice asks us to dig deep.

As we explore these questions and meditations in our practice, we can discover answers by looking at the larger picture of the physical elements of yoga in a way that can be integrated in to our daily lives.

As we strengthen our bodies on the mat, we too can find more ways to strengthen our love and support for our friends, family, and fellow earthlings off the mat.

As we explore the technical development of asana (yoga postures), we can also refine our lives so that we can tread with gentleness, care, concern, and respect for the world at large.

This gentleness can come through in many ways, but I like to think that as we develop a sensitivity to Self by doing yoga, we can come to embody a deeper sense of love, appreciation, empathy, and respect for the world we live in and those who inhabit it.

Each with our own gifts, challenges, paths, and destinies.

You may find the same sensitivity you cultivate in your practice can be applied in any activity you engage in during your day.

A conversation with the person in front of You can be redefined with as much focus as you extend in a balancing posture, or effort in a strong flow class, using the intimate parameters of your mat to encompass your entire life.

When you meet a challenging interaction in your personal life, in the life of another, or in a collective movement in the greater world The same conviction, patience, and endurance that you discover on your mat can be extended.

Through our practice we can learn to stay calm and relaxed in potentially challenging circumstances, and we can learn to carry ourselves with a sense of embodied strength as we live and evolve.

In this way we can live in a balanced manner, born from the capacity to listen, speak, and act in a harmonious way.

I like to think that this sense of balance yields freedom as we live and act in integrity, with more skilfulness overtime.

Of course we can be patient as we make mistakes.

Remember there’s lots to learn along the way and it’s all useful information as we find our way. Ultimately as we do so, we can begin to see through a lens that is more balanced and neutral, walking with well being as we navigate our way through life.

So as you explore your practice on the mat

Remember to connect the lessons you learn through your physical explorations back into your life, relationships, and work. It’s entirely possible to integrate the practice into a lifestyle, a way of life.

As you explore some of the ways to connect more deeply, you can always take a look back to the source, and roots of the 8 limbed yogic path which laid out the foundation of the practice as: Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi.

Here you’ll find the roadmap which leads to an integrated and holistic yoga practice

Keep up the great work yogis. Stay strong, enjoy the journey and remember that there’s an intelligence in you that will always guide you forward through life. Trust that.

Written by: Chris Dixon

The featured photo features Chris wearing our Namoustache Pants. Chris travels between Melbourne and San Diego teaching workshops and sharing his inspiring teachings of functional yoga